Shatta Wale- Biegya (Open Fire)- Download MP3

Download Shatta Wale- Biegya (Open Fire) MP3

shatta wale

Shatta Wale

Track: Biegya (Open Fire)

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Producer: Da Maker


Shatta Wale just dropped a new one and he calls it Biegya (Open fire), a track that is likely to be a hit song. There is however a little controversy over the “biegya” term though.

Hiplife artist, Criss Waddle and Dancehall star Stonebwoy are also out with a new song with the same title “Biegya.” The question now is… who owns the term? Shatta rather answered that on his Facebook page:

If Achipalago [an upcoming artist] can bring a term like (bie gya) to go international ..Then ghana we have great talents



  1. I hear dat shatta wali go steall the term, the police shud arrest him

  2. Ooh wadle I agree with you…. Y this nigga dey fool e self like say he be real fake gee.

  3. Samuel boateng says:

    Agree with shatta. Y hv u taken diz advantage to insult someone.those beating around the bush be aware of wild dogs.TMM4life

  4. Yung khalifa says:

    Cris,ye tie we kye,still u be the best.

  5. Ooh seniors,why are u niggas do dat, pls stop dat,shatta wale i planned to join shatta movement, am adansi bio, undergee artist,pls 0247762192.

  6. Collegeboi websyte says:

    Masa waddle wats wrng wid u da fact dah shatta wale has da same title doesnt call 4 insult. Shatta i check u. U be bossu. Sm 4 lyf

  7. Lionel Archipalago says:

    Shatta wale & Archipalago ,Bie gya (open fire) Shatta u spoiled dere …I still check u Sm4lyf

  8. Shatta wale be eye red too much. We tire give am sef. We all know if e come dancehall ebi stonebwoy. Chaley criss make u no fear I dey ur back.

  9. Thursdayz Gh. says:

    Chris, you really have to take time with your words.You still young to be too proud after all your money den your investments all be gay money so you for dey gee. Big ups Shatta funs!!Only Jah Know eil!!!

  10. obour u way u dey VGMA way u no nominate shatta right……do not walk single.hahahaha

  11. s.m for life no size

  12. Tooo much.. Cris4lyf.. U be too much negga I feel ruff.. Enemies fire bon dem

  13. Lyricx Akata says:

    Hu be waddle SM 4 lyf

  14. salifu kasim says:

    shatta wale for ever

  15. still shatta no size mj from tadi wat ever happen still sm 4lyf respect shatta

  16. criss waddle song dey bee pas shatta ein song.

  17. Wat. The guys the do is not gud at all y U wan kill as with abaa

  18. is part of daily activities n it’s bound to happen

  19. u pple shuld liv shatta alone arh y
    shatta u b booooosu


  21. I wanna no who brot de word Bier gya
    Is it shata or Criss waddle

  22. spark armah says:

    sm 4 lyf

  23. Shata u be to much no anther anther none even Stonebowy

  24. what do bie gya stands for

  25. Sm4lfy u day gud paaaa

  26. Sm4lfy u day gud paaaa

  27. Visions forlyf says:

    why do u always envy success waddle ein sef know he is nowhere shatta just dat he cant say it still sm 4lyf we never retire

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