Shatta Wale- Buss Dem Throat (Download MP3)

Download Shatta Wale- Buss Dem Throat MP3

Shatta Wale- Buss Dem Throat

Shatta Wale- Buss Dem Throat

Track: Buss Dem Throat

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Producer: Da Maker


Memba mi was born crazy’ah.
Hard work never mek mi friend no lazy man.
Only Jah mi praise.
And mi nuh praise no human.
Any bwoy try him then mi gun ah go gun-gun you down.
Memba mi still dey’ah dun
Mi no joke ya.
Diss mi and mi ah go send you to your home ya.
Fuck up your life.
You ah go think that ah hob ya.
Mi is ah real badman dat’ah mi know ya.
Dun Ever try this ah fight my friend.
Unnu ah go loose at the end my friend.
This ah warning to the f**king man dem.
Tell em nuh fi cross my lane.

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