Shatta Wale: “I Snatched Samini’s Girlfriend”

Shatta Wale explains how he snatched rival Samini’s girlfriend

shatta wale and samini

Shatta Wale (L) and Samini

Dancehall artiste, Charles Nii Armah, known in showbiz as Shatta Wale has revealed that he once dated the girlfriend of Samini. In an interview with Delay, Shatta said he managed to snatch Samini then girlfriend and went ahead to date her.

He further explained that this inspired him to release a song titled “Megye wo gal” which featured rapper Sarkodie.

Shatta Wale’s appearance on the Delay Show has stirred issues lately. On the same show, he also revealed that rapper Criss Waddle is a gay. He also called his former manager a ‘dog.’

Several musicians whose names were mentioned by Shatta Wale in the interview have come out to respond to his attack.

Veteran rapper, Tic Tac has advised the Dancehall artist to show some respect after Shatta Wale referred to him as “not smart.”

“What Shatta Wale is doing, unnecessary picking on other artistes without provocation, doesn’t make him a smart person, smart people don’t do what he is doing”, Tic Tac said.

Ex Doe of “Maba” fame who was also ‘attacked’ by Shatta Wale responded by saying that “Shatta Wale is not my class; the kind of shows I have played and the kind of microphones I have held, Shatta Wale comes no close to that.”

Ex Doe also revealed why he will never collaborate with the dancehall artiste.

“I don’t think I will do a song with him, because I don’t like people who scream in their songs, the level I am going with my songs Shatta Wale is not up to that standard,”  he added.



  1. Khaki Master says:

    SNR, nice music.
    U go won all

  2. Allah Barma says:

    shatta u talk more wats on ? Advice ur self so dat in de end u wont be curse rapper bitch

  3. joshua ayingura says:

    Shatta u dey bee but u no de use ur head

  4. Kingskid Gh says:

    shatta u be de Gee… I will always follow u….SM EMPIRE


    Shasta wale,…… de Jack of dancehall.
    My hero, Shatta wale.jealousies go kll dem all

  6. Shatter is always wise making headlines with de other musicians. He is intelligent, kill dem with prayers SM forlife.

  7. kwajo frimpong says:


  8. agana william says:

    Shatta wale is doing de right tin. the reason why am saying this is because some of as does nt respect our self nt shatta please let as all tink about this n stop all dis trengan tinz

  9. shatta u need a punishment …coz wats all ur doing is soo bad, why u drop a music which’s WO MAME TW3……….DIS means u don’t know war ur doing…..ENTI FA PLAN……

  10. Shatta is a champion jealosy go sheam we love sm nd sakordie day bi 2mach megy wo gal haaa p**sy samini nd other atise can not mach wit Sm still sm let us forcuse nd sport di movement we run dem popskiny his a creat atise he all ways doing good tin tinny 2 his a good rapper nd a good atise asowadin nd badman family kip doing good ting day no shatta his saying di true why ghanies we dont want 2 hear di true respet 2 di sakordie di rap God Sm4lyf

  11. oheneba nana A-APLUS says:

    shatta make u not worry still wale, wale.dancehall king i wll add “s”making kings
    dem talk say knw vim in shatta, but still vim
    wale,shatta wale.

  12. Asoro mohammed says:

    Shatta wale I like u

  13. Vicky Emelyn Osei says:

    Shatta Wale,ure my favourite buh respect others.listen more and talk less

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