Shatta Wale- Likkle Time (Download MP3)

Download Shatta Wale- Likkle Time MP3

Shatta Wale- Likkle Time

Shatta Wale- Likkle Time

Track: Likkle Time

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Producer: Da Maker


Mi affi show dem still-still
Cah dem cyaan bring a good man down
Wi nuh watch dem when dem’ah team up (team up)
Ah Jah guide me Selah
See how mi try hard
Fi live ah good life
Everything nice
Everything bright
Mi nuh hold no mankind
Mi ah buil up mi life
So mi nuh gi no ear to de badmin
So watch it,mi drop ah new song-new song
Like ah nuclear bomb
Anything wi seh becomes a new slang,ah new slang fi de ghetto youth’em

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One Comment

  1. Akpeko Tijoni says:

    SM king forget all those who are talking about you and amend your music style cos they want to bring you back. Shatta Movement for lyf

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