Shatta Wale- Obordorbidi (Download MP3)

Download Shatta Wale- Obordorbidi MP3

Shatta Wale- Obordorbidi

Shatta Wale- Obordorbidi

Track: Obordorbidi

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Producer: Da Maker


We still haven’t had any hit track this year and it is June already. Which artiste do you think will break the drought, could it be the Shatta Movement Empire? Shatta Wale drops this new banger titled “Obordorbidi” and we hope that it catches fire.



  1. Kwame pussy says:

    Ma fada u b de king of kings i dey swear,dis b p**y wale

  2. Ddohn blezz says:

    Eiiii! Shatta woye dope wate

  3. Wuye too much Shatta wale

  4. Papa kojo Ug says:

    skeleba kekele ba obordorbidi

  5. Dere are onli 2 dancehall artistes in Ghana. Shatta Wale n de rest. World number 2 (Shatta wale)

  6. samuel Yemoh Tetteh/Giigiwii says:

    Eh! Wale u b king Eh any one go try we we go dis am bt 1 tin i wan tell ya is we wan u release de song plus de video

  7. I love ghana music

  8. wale u do all..ASAP

  9. Shatta wake is tooooo much

  10. can’t cool;Bhim!!Bhim

  11. dem try for long but them nor fee reach your limit……championer

  12. You are a don.No size



  14. NETWORK GEE says:

    shatta u are de don of all dons

  15. king of dancehall, u be tuuuu much big up SM and all fan of de shatta movement

  16. MALIK BROWN says:

    god of muzik. SHATTA MUVMENT 4 LYF

  17. lExIx lYrIcAl says:

    Shattawale is the dance inna the whole Ghana

  18. Hon. Reginald Ofoli says:

    you’ve really raise GaDangme to the top. Continue the good work bro and we gonna continue supporting you in diverse ways

  19. wale you do all

  20. obordobidi is in town paa

  21. Ernest Tinyase says:

    U must stop that dissing and continue what u are doing,if you are in a bath room bathing and a mad persr come for your things will you chase him with naked?so leave them adey beg u boss

  22. I like u shatta your bowy yaw

  23. Shatt wale a day ur back like something make u no far ,u do all no yawa

  24. Ooooo naa mpo shatt u be too much,are get like a be u.i don’t no who will bring u down in this word shatt wale u be toooo much

  25. u r de best among de rest
    Shatta 1 no size

  26. We dey ur back

  27. Shatta Wale you dey flex papapaaa!!

  28. Shatta u do all
    Nobody go fit u
    #4 LYF 👍👍👌☝☝✊👊

  29. BIG-UP UR CHEST SHATTA, I CANT Bunk at rest without ur song.

  30. wale u do all

  31. shatta I ve learnt a lot from u jah bless u

  32. Shatta my number one rock star NOoOo siZe

  33. suck ur moda if u diss ma methor,,,,, shatta bigup to everytin u de do. buh memba man no fe do anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,ur boi hamty

  34. U be too much wale

  35. #dope shatta
    U do ALl

  36. shatta yhu bi tooo much

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