Shatta Wale Pleads Ghanaians Celebrate Samini Whiles He’s Still Alive

This year has seen profound losses in the Ghanaian art industry. ‘Katawere’ and Paapa Yankson, all died. They won’t make any more work. Their creativity belongs to the past now. We can’t bask in being their contemporaries.

Instead of lamenting the lost, we should be celebrating their achievements, and saying thank you, while they are still among us.

It may seem quiet unusual, but “Dancehall King” Shatta Wale is calling on Ghanaians to celebrate his former ‘rival’ Samini for his outstanding works over the years.

After revealing  that Samini is one of his favourite artistes, Shatta Wale said “I have always said it, and will always say it again that there are people we need to celebrate. He has been a legend in our industry and I believe he has done what he can to help Ghana music grow, he is one of my favorite artiste when it comes to the genre of music and dancehall. He has followed and he is an icon to Ghana and he is one great Star that we should always respect and celebrate”.

Speaking on the supposed beef between the two icons, Shatta Wale indicated that it’s purely business and therefore their fans should not take it personal.

“Samini will tell you that he knows much about what I’m doing, we are doing business so our fans should really understand one thing that anytime they see Samini and I beefing and stuff like that is something to just make the entertainment industry boom. It’s for it to look nice even in Jamaica and elsewhere it happens and the musicians still talk, it’s same as Politicians, and fans should get it clear that we can beef and other things but when we meet we talk”.


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