Shatta Wale- Yawa (Download MP3)

Download Shatta Wale- Yawa MP3

Shatta Wale- Yawa

Shatta Wale- Yawa

Track: Yawa

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Producer: Da Maker


Yawa is a new tune from the studios of the Shatta Movement Empire. It’s a straight-up banger exclusively dedicated for the haters. According to Shatta Wale, “they say i’m yawa, but it’s my tune that they play at their party.” Listen and download it.



  1. grazielr adwubi appiah says:

    U killed it Shatterwale….luv daht track…keep it up

  2. chalie WA shatta me wate with that tune. dem say mana yawa

  3. Anthony Boakye says:

    no size shatta … dem sosopons and do ur music long live???

  4. Abi Solo Baako pe says:

    Kai shatta hol it ????????

  5. Akpeko Tijoni says:

    Kai shun dem, dem jux dey susupon you, diz be home love to be local than foriegner, dem be de yawa, man you dey show equality no be dem wey ge arrogant lives, keep yuh rohning tinx more money go come.

  6. eye gt tym turn gossip abt u instead of fixn heirs, shun em djorrrr. do ya tin

  7. EKPOR SELASI says:

    shatta wale b fooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooL

  8. Hey you ekpor or what ever your name bee. Kwasiaa ebi your name way eei fool cause in ma Ga language it means something else. Go work in ur name make it come wise. Watch out we the SM soldier be the God and the satan. Incubator ppl.

  9. SêLf MāDè WåLē says:

    hey ekpor u better look sharp cause wi #SM loyals Nuh take back chat mmmm suck Ur mother eeaaa

  10. dindaniharuna says:

    we cant hear the tune or well plz


  12. eeeii Charley !!!wale u bi more ooo
    kill Dem All. I dey feel u paapa

  13. HeCtOr lEgx Bill gH says:

    Bossu Wale you do all okay.. do Your Own thing.. I dey ur back ???….am still HeCtOr lEgx Bill gH with Shatta Wale… ? ? ? ?

  14. shatta is a king..I respect his stunt…all those punk who try to front him gotta watch their fucked up stinky ass…madafakaz take opportunity tru the media to spit shit…watch ur level before talking to the king…wale kill dem all with prayaz…

  15. Issah Nurudeen says:

    sm for life Shatta u do all

  16. shatta wale no size

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