Music Producer Slimbo Talks New Music, Career and New Direction

 Slimbo Talks New Music, Career and New Direction

Music producer Slimbo

Music producer Slimbo

Slimbo, real name Louis Odame Boadu is an acclaimed music producer, audio engineer and musician widely considered to be one of the most diverse figures in today’s music business.

As a producer, engineer and sound designer, Slimbo begun at a very young age. He told Ike Frimpong in an interview on Sky FM that his first ever commercial piece was a song he engineered for hip life artiste Quabena Maphia on a song titled Me Ko Yankee in 2012,

“My First commercial song was Quabena Maphia – Me Ko Yankee, was produced when I was 19. I produced realer No when I was 24”
With regards to working with the most of Ghana’s A-list artistes like Sarkodie, Edem, EL, Obrafour as well Kuli Chana and M.I, the producer pronounced that he also regards himself as an A- List Producer, thus simplifies his ability to be able to work with them.

“However it went down, they are A-list artists and I also consider myself as an A-list producer, so it’s just joining forces to do something greater to make a bigger impact. That how it always works.”

The thing is, with every artist that I’ve worked with, it has always come from the stage of me being able to vibe with them easily, before we even hit the studio to work, and that’s how it works. All these artistes that I’ve ever worked with the relationship is like on the brother-friendly level before anything comes up.

Slimbo also talked about a wide range of things including his new song with EL, Edem and Teephlow, as well as his upcoming EP, Mix tapes and more.

On Career:

I wouldn’t say it has been easy, it’s been a constant study and always keeping your head up. But then there is something else in my talent and what I love to do so I don’t really look at how hard of difficult it gets, I just go through it, the passion drives me to do it and i’m enjoying it.

When I look back it makes me feel okay, I wouldn’t say it makes me feel fully accomplished though. With the way this kind of job is, you are always on the edge, to do and prove something to the world, so it gets better each and every day. I just feel good i’ve been this much so far, at least I’ve been making progress, that’s better than having nothing going on.

About EP:

This is like a new phase or chapter that I’m taking now with the level I’ve reached in my career. So I will be doing a lot of different stuff unlike I’ve been doing before.

I’ve always been behind the scene but this time around I’m stepping up. So I’ll be working on series of projects in a few months’ time or a year my first album should be out, but before then I will be dropping some EPs and mixtapes an they will all be something worth listening to.

The focus is really going to be on me and the squad that I’m going to put out from my camp and then basically. I just want to work with who I feel comfortable with, people that draw inspiration from each other. There wouldn’t be any surprise artists, the surprise will actually come from me because I’m going to be a lot of stuff that people might not expect I will be able to do.
I’m trying to show my other self to the world.

The producer who has been in the industry for almost a decade recently started a new record label which has a Dancehall artist under the label.


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