Social Media Reacts To Bank Of Ghana’s High Expenditure on Gold Watches for Retiring Staff

Bank Of Ghana Gold Watches for Retiring Staff: Social Media Reacts


The Bank of Ghana has spent about $504 US Dollars (Gh¢2m) on purchasing gold wrist watches for retired staff of the company, and a section of Ghanaians have condemned in the ‘reckless’ dissipation of state funds by the Bank.

According to some people, this was an overstep and they could have used the money dashed out to purchase the gold watches for other profitable projects considering the current economic struggle.

The BOG are however, responding to the claims, are denying being wasteful in the expenditure on the grounds that this has been a policy of the bank to reward its staff for some years now.

The BoG in a statement also assured that no procurement rules were breached in presenting sole sourcing justification to the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) for approval.

What’s your opinion on this?

By: Kay Official

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