Soldier- Flowking Stone ft Ras Kuuku (Download)

Download Soldier- Flowking Stone ft Ras Kuuku MP3

Soldier- Flowking Stone

Soldier- Flowking Stone

Track: Soldier

Artiste: Flowking Stone ft Ras Kuuku

Producer: Magnom


Like a buffalo soldier, mensuro nsuo nsuro gya, my trust is in only God, He is alive so we still shine!

This is a new one from Flowking Stone of Bradez’s fame. According to him, there is nothing for him to fear about. He stands tall on the battlefield against his enemies and his trust in God will lead him to victory.

As usual, his flow and lyrics were on point. Ras Kuuku also did a good job and I would say the collaboration between the two artistes is on point.

Unfortunately, Magnom failed to impress me on the production. The song definitely didn’t need a Hip-hop beat. A good Reggae beat would have been far better. But then, Magnom’s beats are normally having a Hip-hop appeal. I would rather say Stone chose the wrong producer for such a beautiful song.


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