Stonebwoy- Any Day (Download MP3)

Download Stonebwoy- Any Day Mp3

Stonebwoy- Any Day

Stonebwoy- Any Day

Track: Any Day

Artiste: Stonebwoy

Producer: Beatz Dakay


From the studios of Bhim Nation, we have yet another inspiring track from Livingstone Burniton. The Dancehall artiste is really going higher and nothing more, he says who Jah guides no fear enemies. Stonebwoy calls this one “Any Day. listen to it and share your opinion.




  1. Karim Lori says:

    Burniton…stone u spoil dere

  2. stonebwoy you are awesome u mad de beat
    yes no fear enemies

  3. Giftyna Ntiamoah says:

    Herrrr u be #YAAYRA#
    ETSE u be tooo much
    Oseikrom wen we accept u no worries
    We dey ur back
    BHIM TO DE WORLD#…..we aaaa coming

  4. Falcon Emmanuel says:

    Bhim a dey fill u pass bob marlay de legend sef

  5. Aabwouy again and again you do all.make dem fi no say we fire can’t cool can’t quench. BHIM

  6. my guy mi feel ur moves all give dem more

  7. hac heritage says:

    stonebwoy we want to see in akatsi.

  8. Christopher Richgang says:

    Bhim Bhim to the world we always dey top
    #Bhim nation movement

  9. john viscous says:

    Keep de fire burning
    Bhim bhim

  10. yawfingers *jnr*@ says:

    u dey fool

    4 nt dowloding dis track

  11. aaaabwoy # bhiiiiiiiim.largeup urself ,infact u a de real dancehall messiah de rest a jst an empty barrels makin redundant noise out dere.keep it up #people dey # mightelele # aaaabwoy.we dey ur back.

  12. you be too much

  13. My dear i dey feel u waaa keep it up bhim nation for real we no watch no body.only u i dey cee for de dancehall king forever.

  14. Asapjallalmarcelo says:

    Who JAH GUIDE NO fear enemy ANY DAY. Arrrrrbwoy bhim to de world

  15. a diboonitym mi kiki dem or!!!

  16. eugene Døpëkïd says:

    mi nuh wan man dem achat achat in a ringle

  17. PRINCE UNIQUE says:

    Stone bowy you be more show den bhim bhim nation

  18. i will say this a million times…yo such an inspiration …i have even written a reggae song becoz of you thenk you soo much .you are loved ..#biggest Kenya fun

  19. Stonebwoy burniton keep de fire burning.bhhimmm nation!bwoy maki no fear a person hu can destoy ur body bt cannt destroy ur sour!!:Dstill bwoyyyyy

  20. Broadens Richard says:

    stonebwoy your dey rock for the city

  21. Mawuli Benjamin says:

    Am always for bhim


    aaaaarrr boy
    keep DE fire burning #people dey#any day
    ##ur number one fun from gh##


    people dey##any day
    no tym for haters jxt DE fire burning
    we got ur back
    no tym##bhim movement
    aaarrrr bwoy
    aaarrrr bwoy

  24. prosperkunya a.k.a scan. full voltatian says:

    I always focus on ur tracks where ever i am

  25. Speedup saviour says:

    Always bhim keep the fire burning ,and we day fun the fire all day

  26. Don Offixial says:

    Arrrrrbwoy truly you said you be StoneGod cos you made this song and rainfell on the same day…

  27. Priscy Esenam says:

    too much my boi bhim to de world luv u ,u kill de song onces again ,keep it up

  28. lil maggio says:

    shout to my dad livingstone take us to the world. bhim bhim we are representing

  29. tweneboaajustice says:

    infect u goo kill me shy
    u are de best out of numbered

  30. Stonebwoy u ar de best.kill dem wit songs.Bhim nation!!!

  31. STONBWOY is forever the dancehall Solder. And i swear no body should mess up with him. Still BHMMMM

  32. Godwyn Carlos Bek Alorbu says:

    Bhim u do all, more grace.

  33. h33ma guy a shoq po 4 diz song pan da tue da”
    mi cheq de tyn u waguan mk haa..
    left dem a left dem fcker!!BHIIIM ….

  34. I love your tracks keep on and never have beef with anyone in music God will take you far


    infact bhim u have spoi there

  36. Yh Bhim who jah guide dont fear any Enemy
    u are truly a living legend .

  37. Arrrrrrrrrbwoy.BHIM NAAAAAATIOOOOOOON…

  38. yow shatapps to Abhimbwoy

  39. In fact I never loved dancehall songs but your is just extraordinary. Keep the fire burning. You will become a legend in this nation one day

  40. stonebwoy be de dancehall king in GH.I like ur songs from day one.keep being humble and Jah will bless u more. BHIM

  41. dzimega stephen says:

    All ur songs touch my heart especially anyday. really who Jah guides fears no enemy. Jah Bless

  42. idea de wychek says:

    Stonebwoy u spoil everywhere

  43. Eclipse DePogas gh says:

    Hi STONEBWOY l had a dream about you,l was with my friend you came out from the sun to us and you told us to follow you l saw you How you walk upside down and l asked you about the style of your head resembled to one of the pass founders but you told me how you walk upside down they Will not see you AMEN

  44. Yeah we se bless his imperial magesty nation, bhim nation presidental an de residental

    ?. Bhim

  45. Nhanha khwame junior Kasynoe says:

    I can’t think far for bhim nation
    stonebowy to the top.
    bhim bhim bhim ??.

  46. Bhim will forever be a Nation
    Real things a mhi sey

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