Stonebwoy- Escobar (Download MP3)

Download Stonebwoy- Escobar MP3

Stonebwoy- Escobar

Stonebwoy- Escobar

Track: Escobar

Artiste: Stonebwoy

Producer:  –


After dropping the ‘Choices’ freestyle, Bhim Nation’s Stonebwoy releases yet another dope but short freestyle called Escobar.  I think the original track is called Panda by Spanish rapper Almighty. Listen to Stonebwoy’s version as he jumps on the instrumentals to bring us the Panda Ridim.




  1. Wornyo Sylvanus says:

    new one from stonebwoy escobar

  2. Abdul majid says:

    U ar de talanted dancehall bhim naaation to ma stonebowy

  3. wilson Calamus says:

    stonebwoy is de best in de music industry. God bess u bwoy.

  4. God Bless Bhim

  5. Stonebwoy ever,ever.Bwoy go higher,the sky is ur limit!!!!!!!!!!Bhim Natioooonnnnnn#####

  6. Emmanuel kotoku says:

    Am for BHIM NATION family

  7. Keep the fire burning ??
    Bhim!! Bhim!!!!

  8. Stonebwoy dey murder dem fake dancehall artists ina GH and beyond.##BHIM NATION##

  9. Joseph survival morladza says:

    ,BHIM to the world I say stonebwoy more fire we need you again in Asogli Yam festival HO VOLTA UR HOME GH BHIM. SAPASHINI

  10. bhim pls we want u at volta this year 2 celebrate our tagbaza with us

  11. Bhim! bhim! Bhim!

  12. Newton blinx(ex click). says:

    stonebwoy u re de best dancehall artiste eva.mariscans will always applaud u.lng live GH.lng live dancehall stonebwoy.

  13. Khurrency zamani says:

    Abwoy God may be with u wai $ always be on de way u sing ######

  14. Sacked Army Recruit says:

    in fact stonebwoy u be too much,may jah ponda hisá blessing upon ya to leave longà…#Bhimbhimbhimbhimbhim___!!!!!
    ….>>u makin us proud..Ayigbey hood de grow up ..still ###Gohigher

  15. Obwoy Scandium says:


  16. stonebwoy does good music not shits bhim forever

  17. bhim nation no size

  18. Abubakar caperlo says:

    bless his imperial majesty (BHIM)

  19. Hahahaa Man,naaa Bhim no size

  20. Bhim to the world

  21. Osarfo Bismarck says:

    Bhim Nation to de world,
    Forever young Bhim bhimmmm

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