Teephlow Inks 4 year deal with SpyderLee Entertainment

SpyderLee Entertainment Signs Teephlow

Teephlow joins SpyderLee Entertainment

Teephlow joins SpyderLee Entertainment

Few weeks after graduating from the Hammer’s last 2 music group, young pulsating fante Rapper Teephlow has gone on to land a huge record deal with SpyderLee Entertainment, a company owned by Group Nduom.

During a press briefing attended by Hammer of the last 2 music group, Mr Kweku Nduom, Vice President of Groupe Nduom, Mr Edwin Adinkra (Executive Director of SpyderLee Entertainment) Mr Chris Koney (SpyderLee Entertainment) and MUSIGA President Bice Osei Dufour, the company expressed their plans of making the artist a global success.

Leader of his former label, hammer who was at the press briefing at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel in Accra, advised other cooperate entities to also venture into these type investments to enable musicians compete with the Nigerians and other markets.

‘’ Hoping business men take a cue from this and support artists with unlimited resources to help meet standards and compete with Nigerian, South African artists and beyond.

Thank u to N Kweku Nduom Manish ‘Boyeyey’ Padhiar Edwin Adinkra & Murtala Mohammed for this great deal.
TeePhlow GH a beg show them where u from…. LAST2!!!!! Salute’’



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