This Is What Yvonne Nelson Looks Out For In Her Partner.

This Is What Yvonne Nelson looks Out For In Her Partner.

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

When it comes to who she is dating actress Yvonne Nelson has recently remained coy on her relationships. But it appears the actress is ready to reveal one thing about her ideal partner and it seems to be pretty sweet.

But I must say, if she is really looking for a boyfriend with that quality she may find one in her BFF John Dumelo (Lol). It would take a magic wand to find a perfect guy in today’s world.

In a tweet, the 30 year-old actress wrote:

“Date someone who randomly calls you when he/she misses your voice and if you don’t answer leaves you a vn on how much he/she loves you.”

Yvonne Nelson premiered her new TV series, ‘Heels and Sneakers’ two months ago at the Silverbird Cinemas, where she took her onscreen romance with co-star Jason El-Agha into real life.

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