This Is Why Kaakie Won’t Reply AK Songstress

Why Kaakie Won’t Reply AK Songstress

Kaakie-AK Songstress

Kaakie (L) and AK Songstress

In the past few days, Female Dancehall act AK Songstress has slammed Kaakie on her podcast, released not one, but two diss tracks running over eleven minutes in total and openly called her out on Instagram.

In both songs, AK Songstress let loose a number of direct punches at Kaakie calling her a toddler who still wears diapers in response to claims of being mentioned in the latter’s latest song.

In response, so far Kaakie has done…nothing. No songs, no tweets, not even a hint of reply when I approached a rep from Xtra Large Music Group.

According to Kaakie’s camp, the move by AK Songstress is miscalculated as they see no leverage that will be gained in going after AK Songstress or even acknowledging the existence of a possible “feud” between them. She will need over 10 “back to back” hits, a much brighter spotlight in order to seem worthy of a lyrical war.

Again it’s not just about music or art, it’s also about business and they consider it irrelevant to indulge in a non-profitable “battle” whatsoever. In conclusion, all that sounds like a lot of fuss over nothing.

My question here remains, How many hit songs does AK Songstress have so far??

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  1. If a boy won t reply to me on WhatsApp, but talks well when I meet him and even talks with me voluntarily, what does that mean? Is he ignoring me?

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