Video: A.I Feels It’s Unnecessary To Take Legal Action Against Burna Boy For Stealing ‘Grind’

In 2017, Burna Boy decided to record a version of hit song ‘Grind’ by DJ Vision and A.I without their authorization. The Nigerian act called his remix ‘Chilling Chilling.’

He was called out on Twitter by A.I, leading to the former blocking the latter.

Resorting to legal action to resolve the ‘musical theft’ by Nigerian artiste, Burna Boy is not necessary, says A.I.

The ‘Grind’ hitmaker told JOY NEWS, it is better to leave things as they are now, and also because Burna Boy’s camp have removed the song from all online platforms.

“Some things are better left the way they are. We didn’t want to take it up. It wasn’t necessary…We saw that it wasn’t necessary.”



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