Yaa Yaa Talks About Leila Djansi Inspired Song “Koryor”

Singer Yaa Yaa Talks About Leila Djansi Inspired Song ” Koryor”

Yaa Yaa

Yaa Yaa

Sultry singer Yaa Yaa in an exclusive interview with Ike Frimpong on Sky Fm over the weekend, gave listeners and fans a little information about the build up to her latest single ‘Koryor’.

‘Koryor’ is a soundtrack for award-winning American-based Ghanaian filmmaker, Leila Djansi. She disclosed that Leila contacted her for a soundtrack for the movie “Like Cotton Twines” in either Ga or Ewe, two Ghanaian languages she wasn’t familiar with.

“Leila contacted me and said she needed a song for her movie in either Ga or Ewe,and I don’t speak any of those languages. So it was a lot of a pressure for me. I really wanted to pick up the challenge so I came up with a concept, something very generic and creative that everyone could connect with and relate to,” she revealed.

The ” Kae” star explained further that she came up with a poem which touches on aspirations in life, and sort for translation from some friends. The poem which was brewed into a song according to Yaa Yaa is more like an incantation or prayer calling on all who wish be or have something they’ve always dreamt. It also speaks about success, love and peace.

Speaking on Leila’s reaction, Yaa Yaa hinted the producer and director known to be a ‘perfectionist’was totally blown away after hearing what she had created in such a brief period.

“She was blown away, I didn’t expect Her to react the way She did. She’s also a creative person. I wanted to make sure that I got it right for Her because I’m personally a big fan what she does. She didn’t expect what I presented, because I went above what she expected. Her words made me feel very humble.”

The soulful singer went ahead to entreat everyone to inculcate the habit of encouraging others to achieve it in life.

“It’s good that when you go ahead in life, in whatever Field or journey, you bring people along with you when you succeed. That’s what Leila is doing and it’s what I’m also doing with my music and I’m encouraging everybody out there that when you succeed at something,encourage other People to be the best version of themselves”

The singer who earned 3 Nominations at the 2016 VGMAs with ‘Dumb Drum’ pointed out that she doesn’t feel underrated although it’s something she hears all the time, neither has she failed to achieve credible recognition,.

“I always say that I’m following my dreams and passion. I’m not really competing with any one, as I progress in my music career, I think people who connect with my music will love it. I don’t need to add any extra stuff to pull them along because it’s my gift and I’m sharing it with the world. I need to make sure I live my life fully.

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